Scattered Oaks is a great Austin horse boarding facility.  We offer both stall and pasture board.

Full Board – $450/month

  • Grain 2x daily
  • Hay fed in stall, free choice hay in pasture
  • Daily turn out
  • Daily stall cleaning/shavings
  • Feeding of owner provided supplements

Pasture Board – $350/month

  • Grain 2x daily
  • Free choice hay
  • Horse lives with one other horse in 1.5 acre pasture
  • 2-sided run-in shed


Available for all levels, Stacie Bird offers a variety of options for hunter/jumper lessons.  We attend different shows in the greater Austin area as well as travel within Texas.  Whether you’re looking for a schooling show or a tough rated division, Scattered Oaks has a training plan that can work for you and your horse.


Group Lesson – 1hr (4-5 people) $35.00
Semi-Private Lesson – 45 min (2 people) $40.00
Private Lesson – 30 min $50.00
1-day in town horse show (schooling & hauling) $90.00
Schooling per day at show (in town) $50.00
Schooling per day at show (out of town) $55.00
Training Ride (1 per week) $40/each
Training Ride (2+ per week) $35/each



Blanketing $40.00/month (Sheet <59°, Blanket <49°)
$35.00/month (Blanket only, <49°)
$25.00/month (Blanket, <39°)
$20.00/month (Blanket, <29°)
Mane Pull $25.00
Hauling in Austin area $60.00
Banamine $15/shot
Bute Paste $5/2g
Ace $5/shot
Alfalfa (1 flake/day) $55/month
Stall fan (box) $10/month
Stall fan (round) $15/month
Face clip $15.00